Orlando Airport Guide

The Orlando airport guide will help you with most of the information travellers and tourists need when arriving at the Orlando airport or when visiting the city of Orlando and departing from the Orlando International Airport. Below, you may find a couple of points you may need for your vacation planning.

Here is a map of Orlando Airport that will help you to locate the different gates and terminal in Orlando Airport. 

Distance between other places and cities to Orlando Airport

Also, below you may find the distance (in miles) from other cities to Orlando International Airport

  • Orlando Convention Center to Orlando airport = Distance: 13 miles
  • Cocoa Beach to Orlando airport = Distance: 46 miles
  • Daytona Beach to Orlando airport = Distance: 54 miles
  • Jacksonville to Orlando airport = Distance: 134 miles
  • Kennedy Space Centre to Orlando airport = Distance: 54 miles
  • Kissimmee to Orlando airport = Distance: 20 miles
  • St. Cloud to Orlando airport = Distance: 20 miles
  • Lake Buena Vista to Orlando airport = Distance: 20 miles
  • Miami to Orlando airport = Distance: 242 miles
  • Walt Disney World to Orlando airport = Distance: 20 miles
  • Universal Orlando to Orlando airport = Distance:  18 miles
  • Tampa to Orlando airport = Distance: 84 miles
  •  Sea World to Orlando airport = Distance: 18 miles
  • Sanford to Orlando airport = Distance: 30 miles
  • Port Canaveral to Orlando airport = Distance: 42 miles


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